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Welcome to Cal-Bay Marble, Inc! We will tell you how to take care of stone (in San Francisco), such as marble, granite, etc. Marble (in San Francisco) isn’t as tough as you think. It is a comparatively soft stone that is easily marred and scratched. So how to clean and take good care of it? Just wipe down marble surfaces with a damp rag and buff dry with a chamois for routine weekly cleaning. What about granite (in San Francisco)? In fact, with the proper care, your marble or granite countertop will stay new-looking for years. Granite (in San Francisco) is one of the easiest surface to maintain. The most important thing is to blot up spills immediately before they penetrate the surface. The last one is tile (in San Francisco). You only need to remember the three tips:

•The best and easiest way to clean a tile floor is to scrub it with an electric floor washer or polisher-scrubber. 

•When further treatment is needed, particularly for the grout, apply a solution of water and chlorine bleach. 

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